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2020 Summer Training Opportunities

There is a period in the schedule on 5 December 2019 to hand out application forms and provide information on Summer Training opportunities. The application forms can be completed at that time or taken home to discuss with parents. If possible, all cadets and parents should read the Summer Training Information Flyer prior to 5 December 2019 in order to be prepared to complete your application form at that time. If you wish, you can print the Application Form and have it completed in advance of the information session.

2020 Cadet Training Allocation Change
Ref: CATO 17-32

1. IAW ref, the Cadet Training Allocation will be provided to all cadets attending Cadet Training Centres this summer. The J8 section at the Natl CJCR Sp Gp is moving to standardize the distribution of funds across all CTCs in the Formation. The previous process of cadets receiving their allocation using cheques is proving to be unsustainable given the number of lost, destroyed, stale dated, and uncashed cheques each year. New this year, cadets in Pacific Region attending 3, 6 and 7 week courses will receive their training allocation via direct deposit.
2. A bank account in the cadet’s name is still required to continue to receive their funds via direct deposit. Cadets will need to provide a void cheque or banking information sheet provided by their financial institution.
3. All cadets are highly encouraged to bring a debit card for purchases at cadet canteens and discouraged from bring cash.

4. Corps/Sqn staff is encouraged to start communication early to allow parents sufficient time to prepare. Further details will be provided in the joining instructions released in early spring.

Applications for Summer Training Courses are due to RCSU(P) before 31 January 2020. In order to allow time for Corps staff to process, prioritize and subm the applications, they are due no later than the end of the training night of 19 December 2019.

Cadets applying for courses at a Cadet Training Centre (CTC) must have their Participation Application (PA) initiated by their corps staff. Cadets and parents are encouraged to read the related notes listed in the Summer Training Information Flyer to understand the aim and pre-requisites of the course requested. Cadets selected to attend a Cadet Training Centre are done so based on the recommendations of the Corps Commanding Officer. The Regional Cadet Support Unit Staff will make the final selections and publish the decision to the corps.

All cadets applying for cadet training must be medically fit and submit an application for summer training. Due to the remote location of some Cadet Training Centres (CTCs), cadets with severe allergies or other medical conditions that may require rapid medical attention may be precluded from attending certain courses.

The cadet must have successfully completed the required training level, and also meet any other prerequisite(s) specific to the course(s) for which the application is made.

A cadet’s 19th birthday must occur after the return travel date.

Cadets who report for summer training and are found not to meet course prerequisites may be returned to unit (RTU).

The 2020 Course Dates (exclusive of Travel Days) are as follows:

NOTE:  Billet Allocations for RCSCC Amphion are for the serials highlighted in BOLD/UNDERLINED text. This being said, there is a very slight possibility of gaining billets in other serials as vacancies exist, so applications must indicate availability to attend other serials and if cadets cannot attend the allocated serials, the reasons for it.

  • General Training (1 week (change commencing 2020)) (Vernon CTC):
    • Intake 3: 19-25 July 2020
    • Intake 4: 26 July – 1 August 2020
    • Intake 6: 9-15 August 2020
  • Basic Courses (3 weeks):
    • Basic Drill & Ceremonial (HMCS Quadra CTC) :
      • Intake 1: 5-25 July 2020
      • Intake 2: 26 July – 15 August 2020
    • Basic Fitness & Sports (Vernon CTC):
      • Intake 1: 5-25 July 2020
      • Intake 2: 26 July – 15 August 2020
    • Basic Sail:
      • Intake 1: 5-25 July 2020
      • Intake 2: 26 July – 15 August 2020
    • Basic Seamanship:
      • Intake 1: 5-25 July 2020
      • Intake 2: 26 July – 15 August 2020
    • Military Band – Basic Musician:
      • Intake 1: 5-25 July 2020
      • Intake 2: 26 July – 15 August 2020
  • Intermediate Courses (6 weeks):
    • Single Intake: 5 July – 15 August 2020
    • Currently, billets are allocated to RCSCC Amphion for the following courses:
      • Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor (Vernon CTC)
      • Drill & Ceremonial Instructor (HMCS Quadra CTC)
      • Fitness & Sports Instructor (Albert Head CTC)
      • Intermediate Music (HMCS Quadra CTC)
      • Intermediate Sail (HMCS Quadra CTC)
      • Ship Boat Operator (HMCS Quadra CTC)
  • Senior/Advanced Courses (6 weeks):
    • Single Intake: 5 July – 15 August 2020
    • Currently, billets have not been allocated for any Senior/Advanced courses. This being said, applications are being accepted for the following courses:
      • Advanced Sail (HMCS Ontario CTC)
      • boatclubn Mate (HMCS Quadra CTC)
      • Military Band – Advanced Musician (HMCS Quadra CTC)
      • Senior Sail (HMCS Quadra CTC)
      • Shipwright (HMCS Quadra CTC)
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