URGENT – COVID-19 Stand-down

Due to rising case numbers of COVID-19 in the Nanaimo area, we are standing AMPHION down for in-person training for two weeks, effective immediately. Training is cancelled for tonight and 19, 23, and 26 Nov. We will confirm dates to resume training: for now, plan on Phase I/III returning on 30 November, and Phase II/IV returning 3 December.

Direction received from RCSU(P):

Prevalence of COVID-19 is increasing and estimated at .27% right now across Island Health. This means that even though we have robust cleaning and screening protocols in place, there still remains a measurable likelihood that cases can slip through. As of today, if you assemble a group of 25, that means there’s a 4% chance that someone has COVID-19, despite the other measures we have in play. If it’s a group of 50, that likelihood climbs to 7%.

To that end, a primarily based upon the school exposures and clusters, the authority to conduct in-person activities is withdrawn for a minimum period of two weeks within 136 Sea, 2422 Army, and 205 Air. Please pivot to virtual activities only and we will watch this closely over the next couple of weeks.

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