Spring Break – Cadet Activity Program (CAP) – UPDATED – Daily Schedules added


As COVID-19 has all but completely succeeded in closing down any possibility of holding in-person cadet activities during the upcoming Spring Break, the virtual offering is shaping up to be excellent. It is being called “CAP at Home“.

There is still time to sign up for the CAP at Home program, which offers various workshops in a multitude of activities to keep the cadets engaged and having fun!

CAP at Home is open to all cadets and will be comprised of a variety of activities done in one-hour blocks, four blocks in a day.

The CAP at Home will take place twice over the two weeks of spring break and cadets are to sign up with a preference of the first or send week, as detailed below:

  • 15 to 19 March 2021
  • 22 to 26 March 2021

Below are FOUR (4) VERY IMPORTANT documents for you to read:

  • The first (1st) is general information about the CAP at Home program
  • The second (2nd) is a list of the different workshops that will be taking place
  • The third (3rd) is the schedule of the workshops
  • The fourth (4th), which is probably the MOST IMPORTANT, is the CAP at Home Joining Instructions – It is important that you read these instructions carefully!

To register for CAP at Home, it is a SELF-REGISTRATION process, by email. Cadets should email rcsupac.vi@cadets.gc.ca and tell us:

  • Name: _______
  • Corps/Sqn: _______ (state it as 136 RCSCC AMPHION)
  • Preferred email for Virtual CAP: _______ (ensure that this is an email address that is regularly checked!)
  • Week you want to participate: 15 to 19 March OR 22 to 26 March

Week One Daily Schedules

Week Two Daily Schedules





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