RCSU(P) CO’s Letter to Parents/Guardians 12 September 2021


Great news that should have been gotten out to you yesterday, but didn’t make it until today.

We have received approval to start planning in-person cadet activities again, but each activity needs to be approved by our Headquarters in Victoria before we can proceed. As was passed on to us earlier, we will be operating in a “crawl – walk – run” atmosphere for a while, so it is definitely not a full return to pre-pandemic activities.

I will get further into announcing our intentions for the start of training again after I get a few more answers from Regional Cadets Support Unit (Pacific) (RCSU(P)). In the meantime, the following letter explains the rationale behind our requirement for 100% verification of vaccination status for cadets and adult staff for indoor activities. As of yesterday, youth 12+ must show proof of partial vaccination (a single shot) or better, which will increase next month to full vaccination status.

We have been directed that in accordance with current public health orders, we MUST verify the vaccination status of all individuals for indoor activities. With cadets being a mixture of indoor and activities, this means that participation in our cadet activities must meet this standard without exception as there are no strictly outdoor activities planned at this time.


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