Amphion Communications – 2021

With the adoption of using our Google GSuite for primary communications, we have formally closed out our “Remind” communications system. While it had great features of sending notifications via text message and in the app, it also had some very stringent limitations.

With our using GSuite for emails and messaging, it is incumbent on all cadets and family contacts to ensure that Amphion is kept up-to-date as far as current email addresses go.

In addition, all cadets should have their own email address, as this seems to be the way forward with registration for different activities and is definitely necessary with the pending rollout of the Cadet365 system, powered by Microsoft Office 365. Our advantage of the Google GSuite is that each cadet actually has an “*” email address, which I recommend everyone uses for any cadet-related communications.

If there are any questions about your “*” account, you can cantact the Administration Officer at or the training officer at

Be on the lookout in the summer/fall for information on the Cadet365 rollout, and please ensure that your email is up-to-date with the Administration Officer, as the email addresses in our main database, Fortress, is where they will be creating the Cadet365 accounts from. It is essential that Fortress contains an email address for the cadets, not just the parents.

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