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Dress Instructions


Sea Cadet Uniform Guidelines

  • Wear it with PRIDE !!!

Your uniform is the first thing that makes you identifiable as a Sea Cadet. When you wear your uniform, you stand out and people will notice you. It is important to always look your best in uniform. When you wear the uniform, you represent RCSCC AMPHION, and Sea Cadets in general. You need to represent us with pride, and having a good-looking and properly worn uniform is a very important part of showing that pride.

  • Dress Regulations

The official Sea Cadet Dress Regulations can be found in CATO 35-01. There is a lot of information there, as it is the official policy for when and how to wear your uniform.

  • Orders of Dress

Which uniform do you wear for different activities? Our Monthly Routine Orders will tell you for most activities what you should wear.  Normal “Dress of the Day” in AMPHION is C3 (Service Dress) for Thursday (Mandatory) training nights and C4 (Sea Training Uniform) for Monday (Band/Guard) training nights. Certain activities will have Warning Orders which will also tell you which order of dress to wear. Each different version of the uniform is called an Order of Dress. This table will tell you what each one means. These are the orders that may normally be authorized at the Corps. For a complete list with diagrams, consult CATO 35-01 Annex A.

Description When Worn
C1 Ceremonial Dress White top cap, tunic, name tag, lanyard, gunshirt, pants, black belt, boots, grey wool socks. Full medals and cadet award pins if you have been awarded any. Ceremonial parades, special occasions
C2 Mess Dress White top cap, tunic, lanyard, white dress shirt, black bow tie (male) or black cross-over tie (female), pants, belt, boots, grey wool socks.Name tag. Full medals and cadet award pins if you have been awarded any. NOTE: this is an optional order of dress, shirt and tie are not issued and are obtained at the Cadet’s own expense. No cadet should be required to acquire a white shirt and bow tie or cross-over tie. Cadets can wear the C1 order of dress in the same circumstances. Mess dinners, formal dinners, other occasions as authorized.
C3 Service Dress White top cap, tunic, lanyard, gunshirt, pants, belt, boots, grey wool socks.Name tag. Undress ribons if you have been awarded any. (same as C1 order of dress, except that ribbons replace medals)

Thursday training nights. Regular parades, non‑ceremonial public events.

C3A Service Dress – Gunshirt Same as C3 except without tunic.No name tags or medals / ribbons. Rank badge on gunshirt. As directed, usually in warm weather.
C4 Sea Training Uniform Cadet-issued black baseball cap, blue long sleeve shirt, black t-shirt, pants, black belt, boots, grey wool socks.Rank slip-ons on shoulder epaulattes. Name tag.No ribbons or medals.Sleeves may be neatly folded up in warm weather.

Monday training nights. Routine dress for nautical / seamanship type training.

C4C Training Dress (Sports) Personal or issued: Ball cap, black t-shirt, shorts, grey wool socks or white sport socks, runners. Authorized physical fitness training.



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